What we do
in Peru ?

We are the main producer of
purple corn concentrate in Peru.

Av Cajamarquilla Sublote 43ª - Lurigancho Chosica
(511) 717-9578


INNALSA ´S core business is bring integrated solutions to our customers taking advantage of the high quality products that we produce and sell.

We are a Peruvian enterprise focused on satisfy our customers. We have high quality standarts and we have ISO 9001-2008 certificate. Our experience in research and development allow us to advice and give a high value information to our customer and in this way they can achieve their goals.

The purple corn, which is a native plant from Peru, is our core product and it contains a lot of Antocianines. There are studies which show all the benefits from the Antocianines into the human health. One of all these benefits is that it is a natural antioxidant. Our experience in producing and selling products in base of purple corn is recognized by all our customers.

Service, We acting as a key partner from our customers, offering them all our installed capacity of production and our R&D laboratories. At the same time we are interested in promoting and consolidating our line of products and services.

Commitment, We believe that the commitment of each of our workers (Prefiero ponerle partners) is a strength for our company. We believe in our team and we promote their development, for that reason we encourage collective training plans for key positions in our organization.

Product Development, We understand the needs of our customers, therefore we have an expert team in R & D, Production and Packaging. This invaluable team give us all their experience and they ensure the quality of all the products we offer. We follow all the parameters set by regulators and also we follow all the processes established by the ISO 9001-2008 certification, which we have since 2011. Developing new products for our customers is one of the many activities that we can make in our R & D laboratory.


Línea de Maíz Morado

  • Chicha Morada
  • Tamal de Maíz Morado
  • Chicha Morada concentrada
  • Ají de Maíz Morado
  • Harina de Maíz Morado
  • Cerveza de Maíz Morado
  • Chicha Morada gasificada

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Agribusiness Line

  • Concentrado de Frutas
  • Pulpa de Frutas Congeladas
    • Cocona
    • Durazno
    • Mango
    • Manzana
    • Maracuyá
    • Pera
    • Piña
  • Jugos de Fruta Embotellados
  • Mermeladas & Jaleas
  • Ajíes y Pastas
  • Verduras Procesadas